One of the greatest perks about painting is its ability to turn something old and boring into updated and unique. When it comes to kitchen or bathroom cabinets, it might seem as simple as ripping them out and buying new ones but that, unfortunately, is far from the scenario that we would like to imagine. If you are thinking about purchasing custom cabinets for your kitchen because the color does not match your d├ęcor please consider these reasons that painting could be your solution:

  • Painting your cabinets costs a SIGNIFICANT less amount of money than replacing
  • The time it takes to paint cabinets is much less than the time it takes to replace
  • Replacing cabinets means being without a kitchen or bathroom for weeks, painting means being without a kitchen or bathroom for a couple nights.
  • Painting cabinets means that you have a wider selection of colors to choose from rather than factory colors from the cabinet makers.

Our list can go on and on. Our refinished cabinets that we provide to our clients are carefully examined on a case by case scenario. No two people are just alike, and this goes for houses as well. We take each set of cabinets and decide the right process to go about giving you the look you want to achieve in time and on budget. Our goal is to make your home beautiful.

Raynor Painting has taken years to perfect our method of cabinet painting:

The process usually takes three days. The first day is designated to all preparations needed to make your cabinets look as new as possible. This may include caulking, sanding, patching, repairing, and all other work that is obviously not up to standard on typical cabinets. We take down cabinet doors to be brought to our shop and sprayed in a very controlled environment. It allows us to control and dictate everything that is around your cabinet doors during the spraying process. This is also the day we mask off your kitchen or bathroom entirely. Most people do not have access to their kitchen or bathroom on this night. On the second day, we send in two people to spray your cabinet body while we have two people at our shop spraying your doors. The process of spraying is very long because there are a minimum of six coats put onto every surface to be painted using several different products to ensure durability and to make certain that the cabinets look lasts for a very long time. On the third and final day, we reinstall your doors, replace knobs or pulls with new or existing hardware and do any needed touch ups.

Think you may want your cabinets refinished? Contact Darren to schedule a free, no obligation estimate to get a price and then decide.