Are you redecorating your home? Do you have a piece of furniture that you love but it just is not the right color? No worries, Raynor Painting paints furniture too! With our furniture painting division we can take that old piece of furniture that has lost its pizazz and give it a completely new look. Painting your furniture is an economical way to change a piece in your home and we make it super easy. Basically, you drop your piece of furniture off, or we can come and pick it up, you give us the color that you would like it to be, we do the work, and give it back to you. We have a multi-step process that involves sanding between each coat to give you a smooth like-new piece of furniture that looks like it came straight from the factory. We are also able to do small repairs such as water damaged tops and small dings and scratches that occur just from normal wear and tear. We have a trained and professional staff on hand to paint furniture in a controlled environment to give your furniture a whole new look.

Do you think you would like a piece of your furniture painted? Send us an email with the piece of furniture you have in mind and we will give you an estimate via email! Also, if you think you want a piece painted but have no idea what color you would choose, that is not a problem either. We have someone who can help you pick the perfect color for that piece as well. Go to our contacts page and let us know what questions you have.